Why You Should Consider Online Ordering

Being in the age where technology has made all sorts of advancements to the way we live, online shopping or ordering is nothing short of new to any of us anymore.

That said, when COVID-19 hit, every online service suddenly became even more integral and needed than ever before. People had to immediately switch to getting anything and everything they needed online as the simple act of going outside even for just a few minutes posed a serious health risk. Businesses of all sorts also had to immediately adapt their services to the online world or improve their online presence in order to cater the sudden influx of consumers flocking to the worldwide digital platforms.

Whether that’s providing customers with the opportunity to order via a website or providing them with reliable contact numbers for easy digital transactions over the phone — online ordering has now accelerated to become the shopping preference for practically everyone in comparison to its handy-but-not-always-necessary preference ranking just about two years ago.

This is why we, at GAKKEN (Philippines), Inc., wanted to ensure that anyone nationwide can simply and conveniently contact our offices should they need to improve their institution’s or business’s printing equipment. We believe that people don’t have to settle for less when it comes to their printing by enduring their old and slow printers just because of the pandemic. 

It all begins with a call from you to us! Next thing you know, we’ll have your order signed, sealed, and delivered right on time and right at your desired location without you having to risk traveling outdoors anymore just to pick it up!

By providing our loyal as well as potential customers with contact numbers to place their orders alongside a reliable delivery system (both within Metro Manila and to those in the provincial areas), we’re not only making their lives much more convenient but also way safer. We truly value our customers’ health, safety, and printing requirements!

Let’s get started on enhancing your printing performances today! Check out the contact details for each of our offices located nationwide!

Head Office

(02) 8721-2366

(02) 7748-7941

Sales: 0905-4340633

Pangasinan Office

(075) 522-3228

(075) 540-2056

Sales: 0915-8535810

Bicol Office


Cebu Office

(032) 233-1293

(032) 233-6875

(032) 412-0284



Davao Office

(082) 295-3861

(082) 295-3919

Sales: 0915-8535847 (Equipment) / 0915-8535846 (Consumables)


GAKKEN (Philippines), Inc. is an Exclusive Distributor of various, world-class printing machines primarily for the Philippine Printing Industry. To know more about the brands we offer, visit our official website: https://gakkenphil.com/

For inquiries, call us at our hotline: (0905) 434-0623 or send us a direct message at our official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/gakkenphilippines/


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