How to Determine the Air Purifier That’s Best Suited for You

Due to the pandemic, Air Purifiers have become a necessity these days. 

With people still opting to stay home as much as possible, it has become crucial that the indoor air we breathe is the freshest there is. The same applies for those who find themselves heading back to the office where it can get riskier given that their air space is shared with other people. But regardless of whether you’re just at home, at the office, or elsewhere, people typically spend 90% of their days in enclosed spaces just because most activities are done inside!

During the pre-pandemic times, you most likely never really gave this much consideration to the indoor air you’re breathing. Definitely not as much as the polluted outdoor air you may find yourself surrounded by day-to-day. Yet, COVID-19 happened and now everybody is making sure that even the very air they breathe at home is safe. 

More and more have become fully aware that the outdoor air they initially gave more attention to can follow them all the way home in the form of air particles and pollutants. The worst part is, once these particles and pollutants find themselves indoors, they can actually evolve into more harmful contaminants than they already were without you even knowing. 

Nevertheless, you can avoid all of these troublesome air contaminations by simply investing in a proper Air Purifier or two! Having them strategically set around the house or any other indoor area can significantly decrease and even abolish these harmful air germs once and for all!

Thanks to today’s advanced technology, you now have a variety of Air Purifier models to choose from wherein each offers a set of particular features that can clean your air! But with such an assortment available, how do you determine the Air Purifier that’s best suited for you? 

Well, it all boils down to a number of factors! 


First factor you should consider is the size of the Air Purifier you would be investing in. You would definitely want one with a size that can provide a high Airflow Rate or Air Throughput to efficiently filter your entire room area. As the saying goes, “Size Matters” and, in the case of keeping your indoor air clean 24/7, it really does!

You see, Airflow Rate, or the rate at which contaminated air goes into a purifier, is an essential part of the device’s ultimate purpose to clean air since it is this very airflow that will enable its filters to work properly. You won’t be able to filter anything if there is no air flowing into your purifier to begin with! The Airflow Rate’s effectivity is primarily determined by the power of a purifier’s fan — the one that creates the airflow which sucks in all the dirty air from every part of your room to be cleaned. Plus, again, make sure that the purifier is large enough to capably gather all that dirty air. The larger amount it can take in then the larger amount of clean air it can return back! 

Therefore, we suggest looking for a purifier that offers a slightly larger room filtering capacity than your room’s actual size. This way, you can definitely guarantee that it will be capable of cleaning your air as thoroughly and quickly possible. Thankfully, our IDEAL purifiers come in a wide range of sizes alongside a wide range of powerful air flow rates for your convenience!


Next thing to consider are the filters of the Air Purifier. More specifically, it is important to remember that the HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is the ISO standard for filtration which all purifiers should have as it is capable of removing the most airborne particles. Which is why all our IDEAL Air Purifiers come with it to ensure maximum air cleaning all day long! But, of course, there’s more! Although HEPA filters are excellent, you shouldn’t just stop your search by accepting this single filter alone. Not if you want to breathe in the genuinely cleanest air there can be.

Our IDEAL Air Purifiers have a multi-level 360° smart filter system which consists of a fine pre-filter that increases the HEPA filter’s efficiency as well as an active carbon content guaranteeing optimum air cleaning. This system has also been conveniently designed to be circular in shape to ensure both the maximized use of every filter surface and the quick, easy catching of widely spaced particles as air flows in. Furthermore, it also has another five layers of effective filters that remove all sorts of air particles and pollutants including fine particulate dust, pollen, allergens, bacteria, mould spores, cigarette smoke, fumes, chemical exhaust, and even odors.

This multi-layer filtering system guarantees the permanent removal of pollutants from indoor air as it provides a cleaning performance of 99.99%. Even the MPPS (Most Penetrating Particle Size), considered to be the hardest airborne particles to get rid off due to their incredibly tiny size, won’t stand a chance against our IDEAL Air Purifiers’ powerful filters.

Capability to Distribute Fresh Air

Moving on to the next factor, it’s the Air Purifier’s capability to distribute fresh air. It’s one thing to efficiently take in dirty air to be filtered but another to actually return the freshly cleaned air throughout the entirety of the indoor space. Simply put, you want your fresh air to be actively distributed around and not stagnant as it is the latter which can become the perfect atmosphere for pollutants to evolve into more harmful things.

But you wouldn’t have to worry about that with IDEAL Air Purifiers as its OptiFlow system makes sure to evenly and constantly distribute the freshly filtered air all throughout your room! Additionally, this system increases the purifier’s Airflow Rate efficiency as it can capture pollutants located from even the furthest part of the space! 

Noise Levels

Then there’s the Air Purifier’s noise levels. For a machine that should desirably run non-stop, it’s probably best to look for a purifier that generates little to no sound at all for the sake of one’s focus and sanity especially when in the office or as you’re fast asleep at night. Lucky for you, all the components that make up our IDEAL Air Purifiers have been uniformly arranged not just to provide a high performing airflow filtration but also to generate the quietest of acoustics possible. 

Management System

Finally, you’d want to consider the convenient management system of your Air Purifier. This is especially handy when it comes to changing your purifier’s filters (all our models only need changing every 12 months) and re-filling its water. Then again, we also have some models that can be optionally operated as an Air Purifier without water! Nonetheless, IDEAL Air Purifiers have a convenient and aesthetically pleasing digital LED display that can keep you aware of your room’s current air quality among other things depending on the model. 

As a quick review, remember to consider these factors when determining the Air Purifier that will suit you the best!

  1. Size
  2. Filters
  3. Air Distribution
  4. Noise Levels
  5. Management System

Once you’ve noted what you specifically look for in each of those factors listed above, then investing in an Air Purifier will become much easier for you! 

You may now want to check out our range of IDEAL Air Purifiers as each model, regardless of their specific features, has been made with the highest quality of components and standards to ensure the best air filtration for you! Guaranteed to make you feel the difference with every deep breath of clean air you take whether at home, at the office, or anywhere indoors! IDEAL Air Purifiers have also been certified as allergy-friendly by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation and have been stamped with the ECARF Seal.

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