COLLATE. CREATE. TRIM. Make Way For The DUPLO 150Fr Bookletmaking System!

Make way for the world’s smallest, fully automatic, compact-booklet making system. 

Whether you are having a short-run booklet production or doing a larger scale assembly, this Duplo trio is a masterclass from collating to booklet-making to trimming. 



Superb collating like nothing else. The DFC 120 boasts of its 12 bins that gives you reliable feeding and accurate stacking that are high-speed and easy-to-use.




The Duplo DBM-150 is capable of standalone/hand-fed operation that offers neat stacking and can produce a whopping 2,400 booklets per hour!




The DBM-150T is specifically designed to connect to the DBM-150 Bookletmaker.

Duplo 150Fr Bookletmaking System Available At GAKKEN (Philippines), INC. 

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