Duplo DBM-150T (Trimmer)


DBM-150T is specially design for connecting to DBM-150 stapler folder. The low-end trimmer becomes compact to meet small working space in spite of the 50-sheets trimming capability. The operator can easy to access the trash box in outside.


Model/Type Trimmer DBM-150T
Machine type Trimmer
Paper type Fine quality paper
 64 to 127.9gsm
Art/Coated paper
 104.7 to 127.9gsm
Cover sheet
 within 300gsm
Paper size Length
 105 to 230 mm
 120 to 320 mm
Finished Size Length
 105 to 320 mm
 85 to 230 mm
Trimmer Two knives (upper/lower)
Trimming Length 1 to 20 mm
Trimming Performance Up to 50 sheets (fine quality paper 81.4 gsm 24 sheets + 300 gsm 1 sheet)
Maximum Process Speed 2,400 sets/h(within 10 sheets, A5 finished)
Dimensions DBM-150+DBM-150T
Weight 49kg

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